Products identified as superfoods are gaining popularity and fortunately for all of us cease to be fad and are becoming part of our daily diet.

We will not be writing how our company quickly became the leading distributor and leader on the Yerba Mate and healthy food market – you can check it yourself by checking our profile on Allegro – we are there :) and we are very happy about it! We are constantly developing our business in accordance with our conscience, in line with ethics and the satisfaction of our customers. Every month we add to our offer new and interesting products with which you can spice up your menu :) Flour from pumpkin seeds? Chia seeds? Coconut sugar?  Oh, of course! With all of our providers we have very good relations thanks to which we buy from them the best wares at the best price. We are working on such margins which provide customers with favorable price, our employees a fair remuneration, and the company outlooks of development. Our products are stored in dry and clean storehouses, and packaging is done in GHP standard (Good Hygiene Practice). Share with us information about our products. We are curious of your opinion!

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